Close Relationships Laboratory




Understanding close relationships and their impact on well-being from a social psychological perspective is the central focus of our lab's research.

Our research falls into these three main areas:

1) Basic research on close relationship processes, focusing on self-disclosure and responsiveness in romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendships. Read more about this research here, here, and here.

2) Research on why people engage in "technoference" in their relationships and how technology use (especially smartphones and social media) can impact people's face-to-face relationships. Read more about this research here.

3) Investigations of the links among social relationships, well-being, and physical health. Read more about this research here.








Art Aron Annmarie Cano

Cindy Chung

Timothy Loving

Sylvie Naar-King

Rena Repetti

Chris Trentacosta Lou Penner

James Pennebaker

Pranj Mehta

Tim Bogg

Mark Lumley

Simine Vazire

Ted Robles

Nairán Ramírez-Esparza

Matthias Mehl

Paul Eastwick

Eli Finkel

Deborah Ellis
Derek Wildman

Molly Ireland

Lou Penner

Nao Hagiwara-Livingston
Xiaoming Li
Keith Welker
Stephanie Tong
Sarah Ketay
Catalina Kopetz
Dominik Schoebi
Emre Selcuk
Anthony Ong
Gráinne Fitzsimons
Justin Carré
Gul Gunaydin




If you are interested in being a research assistant in our lab, please email Dr. Slatcher at




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